Introducing the New Noom Groups


It’s been almost a year since we first launched Noom Groups to our Pro members. Since then, Groups have helped tens of thousands of Noomers create lifelong support networks and lose over 500,000 lbs. We’ve found that Noomers who engage with a group, are significantly more likely to stay on top of their weight loss, change their eating habits, and make permanent changes that lead to sustainable, long-term weight loss.

There was only one problem: Groups was slow and hard to use. Today, with the release of Noom Weight Loss Coach v4.1, we are happy to announce that Noom Groups has received a fresh coat of paint!

The beautiful redesign focuses on making the feed simpler to read and interact with. You can now reply to comments directly in-line, so you can always see who and what you are replying to. We also made it easier to view the profiles of other members in your group, just a single tap on their name or photo will bring you directly to their profile. With all this, our goal was to make it easier for you to use Groups so that we can get out of your way and you can focus on losing weight!

So what are you waiting for, go check it out!
Matt Sonier
Product Manager: Noom Groups


8 Healthy Easter & Passover Recipes

Between that huge ham and all those deviled eggs, Easter dinner can be devilishly indulgent. Instead, we’re celebrating Spring with healthier alternatives to popular holiday dishes. Check out our Easter & Passover favorites from around the web. 

Bagels out of the question? Here’s a Kosher way to get your smoked salmon in omelet form. 

This quinoa-based oatmeal alternative is perfect for Passover or Easter breakfast. 

Entertaining this Easter? Serve up this crowd-pleasing dip by our very own Chef Jane.

Asparagus and peas are two of Spring’s greatest gems. This side dish includes both and looks bright and delicious on your Easter table. 

Bitter herbs are part of the Passover seder ritual, but make for a great starter or side for Easter, too. This salad features a simple lemon dressing that lets the greens take center stage.

This sweet and savory take on carrots would make the Easter bunny proud.

Sweet and sour meatballs make for an exciting change from matzo, matzo, and more matzo. 

This strawberry-based dessert is under 150 calories and looks almost too good to eat. 


3 Reasons You’ll Love Meal Reminders

Noom Weight 2.3 is introducing a new feature and we bet you’ll love it! It’s called Meal Reminders, and it lets you configure Noom to remind you when you’ve forgotten to log a meal.

Seems simple, right? It is simple, but it’s also pretty brilliant (if we do say so ourselves!). Here’s why:

1. Reminders use psychology for good. Creating a healthy habit is hard. Even if you’re committed, it can take 21 days to successfully adopt a new routine. (I learned this myself back when I committed to my month of logging every meal.) Meal reminders help you bridge the gap between your good intentions to log and the time it takes for it to become automatic. It’s a lightweight way to keep yourself on track without leaving PostIt notes everywhere.

2. Reminders help you log more. Users of our Android app who set meal reminders log 15% more meals. Even if you don’t click on the notification right away, seeing it reminds you of your weight loss goals so you’re more likely to log later. And we designed our meal reminders with your logging patterns in mind, so they’ll inspire you to log, not make you feel guilty.

3. Let’s face it; they’re adorable. Like to 😀? We do, too. That’s why we made our notifications cute, humorous, and lighthearted. We like to think you’re giggling the pounds away.

On top of all that, meal reminders are easy to set up. After updating, you’ll see a new section at the bottom of your meal feedback asking if you’d like a reminder next time you forget to log food. Just click yes and you’re on your way!

You can set your preferences right away or go to the app’s settings at your convenience. Either way, pick the meals and times you’d like Noom to remind you, and we’ll send you a friendly notification.

Why should you commit to logging more meals?
We’ve found that food logging is the single most impactful behavioral change for weight loss, and makes a difference even more often than diet or exercise alone. Developing the habit of food logging helps you develop the personal awareness needed to achieve long term weight loss. So update the app and set your meal reminders now!

Love this feature? Want another? We’d love to hear about it. Check out our feedback form or email support@noom.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time,



Noom Announces Newest Satellite Office


Noom, the New York-based wellness technology company, is excited to announce its fourth satellite office. After launching the app from its New York headquarters in 2011, Noom has established satellite offices in Korea, Germany, and Japan to better tailor the app to these countries’ customers and understand these markets.

Selecting a location for the next office was no easy task, and required months of research to select an appropriate market. Realizing one of the most under-served markets was the moon, Noom is the first wellness technology company to open an office in the region known as the Sea of Tranquility. This is Noom’s farthest-flung satellite office, which has come with interesting learnings.

During a soft-launch last week, everyone in the office was ecstatic when Noom’s first extraterrestrial user lost over fifty pounds just by stepping foot on the moon. A particular challenge that the team quickly discovered, though, was that the world wide web is, in fact, only as wide as this world.

Noom has found an out-of-this-world team to staff its office, hand-picked from its existing satellite offices. Due to Hyemin Lee and Susanne Wechsler’s experience with Rocket Internet, Noom decided they would be the best possible pair to guide a successful moon-landing. They will be leading the team to pursue astronomical goals on a galactic scale, including Noom MoonWalk, the social app for moonwalking. Noom Pro’s slogan is also being localized, to emphasize the fact that Pro users lose mass twice as fast as free users.

The company is looking forward to farther-flung satellites in the future, and is already working on a shortlist. Jupiter, however, was the first planet eliminated due to its discouraging gravitational pull. Noom is looking forward to continuing to encourage healthy lifestyles with its out-of-this-world attitude and experience.  


Adam Chapman, Marathon des Sable Runner

The Marathon des Sables is a whole different breed of race. Even for someone who’s used to running ultra-marathons, it presents a unique challenge, says Adam Chapman.

Adam served in Afghanistan in the army, so for him, Walking With The Wounded is a very personal cause. “The knowledge that what I’ll be doing will help injured serviceman and women will be with me throughout the race and hopefully spur me on even more,” he told Walking With The Wounded.

He’s had his sights on the Marathon des Sables for years, so when the charity began looking for runners, he was eager to sign on. What he loves about training for this particular race is, “The mental aspect, the fact that you’re self-supported. You’ve got to be looking after yourself.”

Like Rose, Adam acknowledges that teamwork also plays a bigger role in this race than most. He and Rose have already met up for runs together and spent time sharing questions and brainstorming solutions to the physical challenges of running in a desert. Throughout the course of the race, the Walking With The Wounded team will share a tent and look after each other at camp each night.

Though well-trained and eager, Adam acknowledges this won’t be a walk in the park. “I’ve been in hot places. I’ve done hard races. But never the two together.” He adds, “It’s much more than running.”

Noom is the sponsor of Walking With The Wounded’s Marathon des Sables team. Walking With The Wounded is a UK-based charity that funds both the re-training and re-education of wounded servicemen and women with the aim of helping them find long term employment after they have left the Armed Forces. We’re proud to support Adam  and WWTW; you can help support them as well by donating here.


Meet Rose Kingscote, Marathon des Sables Runner


This past October, Rose Kingscote ran her first half marathon — her longest footrace to that point.

This hardly seems like the hardcore running pedigree you’d expect of someone who volunteers to run 150 miles across the Sahara. And yet, Rose didn’t hesitate to sign up for the Marathon des Sables.

"If you’re going to take on a challenge, why look at the middle ones?" Rose says. Instead, she went straight for the toughest race out there.

It helps that she’ll also be able to support a cause she believes in strongly. Her father was in the military, and she’s had many friends who served as well. “I have such a big admiration for people putting their life on the line every day,” she says. She’s followed Walking With The Wounded throughout their previous expeditions and always admired the charity.

"I may as well show the boys how it’s done," she adds. She’s the only woman on WWTW’s Marathon des Sables team.

In all fairness, Rose isn’t totally new to racing in general. She’s been an avid cycler for years. But what makes the Marathon des Sables so interesting to her is the fact that it’s completely self-supported.

It’s one thing to participate in a multi-day cycling race, where each evening you’re provided all of the healthy food you need to keep going, Rose says. But during the Marathon des Sables, runners carry all of their own food on their backs. They spend the nights in tents similar to a Bedouin camp. The only supply provided for them is water. “It’s a completely different way of thinking about [racing],” she says.

We’re reminded of the difference between losing weight under the close supervision of a team of doctors and trainers a la Biggest Loser versus preparing your own food and workouts at home. It may not be easy, but it’s so much more rewarding — and at the end you’ve learned something really valuable about what your body needs.

The communal tent aspect of the run was also a huge draw. “I’ve heard that the tent camaraderie is second to none,” she says. “I would be surprised to find anyone who hasn’t had this take over their whole life.” That shared bond will help Rose support her Walking With The Wounded teammates, and vice versa.

While the runners won’t travel in a pack during the race, they’ll be ready to support each other each evening and share a tent each night. “We’ll go to some seriously dark points, as well as some massive highs,” Rose says. Knowing that her teammates will be there is a great reassurance.

Of course, teamwork alone won’t support Rose throughout the race. She’s done some major training, working with a coach who’s run the MdS 10 times. She has 12 training sessions per week, including some weight lifting, pilates, and lots of running and walking.

Everyone, she says, walks at least some of the MdS. When she get overuse injuries from running in the fall, she transitioned to walking — miles and miles and miles of walking. “You just have to get the miles in,” she says.

She’s also spent the past few months trying to figure out what food she’ll carry with her for the run. Her favorite recovery food so far? Baby food. Unfortunately, her mashed fruits and veggies will only last for the first few days of the race. They don’t fare well in 120-degree heat. She knows; she’s been testing out many of her foods in a 120-degree oven to see whether they can stand up to the heat.

Over the next two months, we’ll be following along as Rose continues to train for the Marathon des Sables, which starts April 4. While not a weight loss story, we hope that Rose’s journey helps to motivate and inspire you.

Noom is the sponsor of Walking With The Wounded’s Marathon des Sables team. Walking With The Wounded is a UK-based charity that funds both the re-training and re-education of wounded servicemen and women with the aim of helping them find long term employment after they have left the Armed Forces. We’re proud to support WWTW; you can help support them as well by donating here.

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Download Noom for iPhone or Android

Download Noom for iPhone or Android

Download Noom for iPhone or Android

Download Noom for iPhone or Android

Download Noom for iPhone or Android

Download Noom for iPhone or Android

Download Noom for iPhone or Android